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P/N 1,609,517 December 7, 1926

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Kraft was a prolific inventor, with roughly ninety patents 

assigned to Goodyear or The General Tire Company. 

This is one of his few patents related to Lighter-than-air.

Neither this earlier "pony blimp" nor Kraft's invention have

a rudder on top of the envelope. But notice the wide separation

between its envelope and the supported open car.

     Dirigible aircraft of the non-rigid type as heretofore 

constructed, are generally provided with control or pilot cars

suspended by means of a number of wires secured to finger 

patches distributed over considerable area of the lower surface 

of the envelope; or by numerous suspension lines disposed 

circumferentially over top and sides of the envelope. The 

number of wires necessary to properly suspend loads to be 

carried present an intricate network of suspension members 

and the control car must be spaced a considerable distance 

from the lower surface of the envelope in order to reduce the 

stresses tending to buckle the aircraft upwardly adjacent to the 

middle portion. In case gas pressure in the envelope becomes 

low, there is a strong tendency for its shape to become bowed 

at the central portion because of the forces exerted by the 

suspension wires pulling from the ends of the aircraft toward 

its center. Also the greater the distance between the envelope

of the aircraft and the control car, the greater will be the 

impediment to speed, and the more will be the difficulty 

encountered in steering.”

NOTE: This is one of Kraft's few patents related to Lighter-than-air.

In it he emphasizes three key innovations: 

  To simplify construction and rigging; 

  To reduce drag; and 

  To improve steering. 

N.B. Kraft points out that his invention is particularly useful for the

small pressure airships known as "Pony Blimps", but that it would 

also be useful for large airships.

The USPTO only assigned one of several applicable classifications.

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