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P/N 1,010,718 December 5, 1911

05 Dec 2013 9:29 AM | Deleted user

Todays patent is one of Badeau’s four airship patents.

     “My invention has two main phases. On the one hand it relates to 

an improved construction of lighter-than-air vessel including an 

elongated gas-container, whereby enhanced stability is secured; and 

on the other hand it relates to improved steering means whereby is 

attained complete control of the movements of the airship parallel

to the surface of the earth. While this improved steering means is 

particularly adapted to navigable lighter-than-air vessels constructed

for superior stability according to the other phase of the invention, 

it is by no means limited in its applicability to such air-ships, but may 

be embodied in any type of vessel designed for navigation of the 

earth’s atmosphere.”

NOTE: Despite the title, the USPTO didn't assign any classification 

which would indicate that the patent applies to airships.

Badeau's invention incorporates a full-length “propulsion tube” 

as the prime mover.  (Optional vertical thrusters in separate short tubes

and multiple horizontal rudders to control the altitude of the airship).

No mention of how this long tube is constructed or what prevents its 

collapse. Badeau identifies the optional pivoting wings as horizontal

rudders. He doesn’t describe or claim the structure needed to connect

the tunnels, rudders, and the single large buoyant gas cell.

N.B. The claims emphasize that the primary propellers should be inside
and near each end of the propeller tube. This is a classic example of 

Burgess' seven "Common Airship Fallacies".


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