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P/N 3,112,900 December 3, 1963

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Todays patent is one of Yost’s twenty U.S. patents.

     Transport by air makes it possible to transfer heavy loads over 

areas of rugged terrain or bodies of water, or to areas where roads

have not been built. Heavy loads have been transported by helicopters

but a limit of practicality is reached with extremely heavy loads

wherein even large helicopters cannot carry the loads or wherein the

use of a large helicopter is inconvenient or costly. Balloons are 

capable of inexpensively lifting loads much heavier than those 

conveniently carried by helicopters, and in accordance with the 

present invention heavy pay loads are lifted by balloons and are towed 

by helicopters which are attached by a tow line to the pay load and 

provide only a small percentage of the required lift. A preferred form

of balloon employed for these heavy lifting jobs is supplied with lifting

gas from a burner which can be regulated to change the net lift or 

free lift of the balloon.

       In lifting and transporting the heavy loads, the load on the 

helicopter must be maintained substantially uniform to avoid loss of 

control of the helicopter. This is accomplished by automatically 

adjusting the net lift of the balloon so that it applies a constant lift to 

the pay load, which is a predetermined lift less than the total

weight of the pay load.”

NOTE: All ten claims involve a Lighter-Than-Air balloon which 

buoyantly supports most of a heavy payload; neither assigned classification

applies to balloons. The USPTO should have included 244/33 (Balloon, captive).

N.B. None of the claims involve multiple balloons. Helicopters are the 

only towing (or lifting) machines mentioned in the text or any of the

claims. The patent does not discuss method or means of releasing the 

payload after it has been transported to the desired location.

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