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P/N 1,517,885 December 2, 1924

02 Dec 2013 6:45 PM | Deleted user

Todays patent is one of Arnstein’s 31 U.S. patents.

 “According to my invention the girders or ribs of the fins at those

cross sections of the ship where there is a ring are carried right 

through this ring to the opposite ring corners there joining the 

girders or ribs of the oppositely situated fin. Usually there are 

four fins placed at the ships stern and therefore according to my 

invention the rings in the stern will be intersected by two pairs 

of girders connecting the ring corners where as fin ribs join.

At the points of intersection of these girders they are connected 

together and the panels which are formed by the ring girders 

and reinforcing girders are braced so as to constitute together with

the ring a kind of circular truss. Thereby a perfect reinforcement 

of the ships stern is attained making certain a secure way of 

transmitting the air stresses from the fins to the hull structure. It is

of the highest importance to have to a safe construction in the 

ships stern where the stresses on the fins and on the rudders and

elevators attached to them may vary greatly in strength as well as 


NOTE: Curiously, although the text mentions the rudders and 

elevators, none of the claims address these control surfaces, their 

means of attachment or positioning equipment. Perhaps that explains 

why the USPTO didn’t assign 244/87 (Rudders & empennage).

The patent is not cited by any modern patents.


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