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P/N 1,119,646 December 1, 1914

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Todays patent is Schleinitz’ only U.S. patent.

      "It is to be assumed that the cars, adapted to receive the 

air-ship, are rotatable in the known manner on a turntable, 

which latter is provided with an extensible pivoted support 

for the anchoring cable. This support is adapted to prevent the 

head of the airship from being pressed on the ground by the 

wind, and also for the purpose of bringing the airship to the 

correct level so that it can be fastened upon the cars. The cars,

adapted to receive the airship, are provided with separate 

supports for the airship, which supports are so arranged that 

they can easily be adjusted or turned so that while the airship

is descending no projecting parts would be likely to cause 

damage. These supports mounted on the cars, carry beds or 

girths composed of sail-cloth or the like, into which the airship

is pulled. The anchoring is effected, and the supports,as also 

the sail-cloth beds, are retained in the raised position by means

of tension wires or cables.”

NOTE: This is one of the earliest patents proposing a nose mooring 

fitting for a rigid airship. Both German manufacturers had avoided 

mooring-out systems, essentially walking their ships in and out of 

the hangars, where they were slung from the overhead. 

N.B.The patent doesn’t indicate that the slings are capable of 

supporting the entire weight of the ship when there is no lifting gas.

This patent is cited by three US and one international patent:  

5,431,359  Docking system for a lighter-than-air vehicle,

5,497,962  Mooring tower assembly for a lighter-than-air vehicle,

6,792,872  Balloon car and aerial trolley system, and

WO 1995026903  A docking system for a lighter-than-air vehicle.

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