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11 oz. white mug, has large comfortable handle with a scene of Navy airships in wrap around style.      

$10.00 EACH+Shipping.  


Colorful Brass coin with Navy Airships represented on  both sides of this 1 1/2 inch coin.  

$5.00 EACH+ Shipping

Navy blue on silver finish. 5/8" x 7/8". A great way to  display your membership.
$5.00 EACH+ Shipping       

Navy blue adjustable low profile modern with colorful embroidered logo. 

$15.00 EACH + Shipping      



Embroidered logo, all-cotton knit, high quality, performance polo shirt. Designed to maintain color, shape and size and to resist piling through years of wear. Navy Blue, White shirts available, Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL. Women's shirts in White, Pink and Lt. Blue, Sizes: M, L, XL 

$30.00 EACH, ADD $2.00 FOR  XXL. +Shipping

DVD'S (New or re-mastered)                                            

DISK 1: Bermuda. Airship activities at NAS Lakehurst 1956-1961 narrated by NAA Past President Herm Spahr. Rare in-flight footage inside a ZPG-2W including a flight to Bermuda. This disk also features the video "The Leading Edge" narrated by Adm. Carl Seiberlich which serves as an introduction to the rigid era and includes rare footage of Sparrowhawk launches and recovery. This disk concludes with footage of airships landing on carriers and footage done for a PBS special on airship involvement vs. U-701 off the Virginia Beach coastline during WWII. Some footage in color. Runs over 1 hour. 

$10 EACH +Shipping

DISK 2: Glimpses.  Home-movies of airship activities at Moffet Field during the Macon era. It then switches to Lakehurst for Hindenburg footage. After the Hindenburg is gone we see all of the airships that operated at Lakehurst in the pre-war era including TC-13, TC-14, K-1, K-2, J-4, the Los Angeles and brief gimps of the ZMC being dismantled. Some footage in color. Runs 1 hour.                      

$10 EACH + Shipping

DISK 3: Captain Henry Eppes Home Movies. Narrated by  Capt.Eppes. Personal color home movies from the mid 1950's including landings and takeoff in blimps from carriers, and airship patrol and SOSUS flights from Lakehurst and Weeksville. Also included are more of Captain Eppes home movies, which are not narrated, but feature rare color scenes of ZPG-2s, flights to GITMO and the last flights at Lakehurst of several different class of airships. Runs 1 hour 45 minutes.                                                                 

$10.00 EACH + Shipping   


DISK 4: Newsreels.  A collection of newsreels on US Navy blimp operations, the Shenandoah, Los Angeles, Akron, Macon, Hindenburg, Graf Zeppelin, and an aerial tour of Washington, DC, from the US Army ZDUS-1. Runs over an hour.                       

$10.00 EACH + Shipping

DISK 5: The Blimp Goes To War Again.  Covers USN LTA 1937-1945, Construction of a fleet of K-type airships and huge hangar facilities surrounding the country builds a "helium umbrella". Blimps are deployed to the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa to defeat the U-Boats. 

$10.00 EACH + Shipping                                                                                       


For orders; (0 to $9.99 add $5.00),  ($10.00 to $24.99 add  $8.00),  ($25.00- to $49.99 add $10.00),  ($50.00 to $74.99 add 13.00).   ($75.00 to $100 add  $15.00). Orders with insufficient postage will not be filled until receipt of correct postage.

ZP-11 patches are available separately, please ask Donna for details. Donna’s email is donna.forand@hanscom.af.mil

PAYMENT; Make check or money order payable to: NAVAL AIRSHIP ASSOCIATION" and include a return address label with your  order.  For gift memberships through Small Stores, just include a completed membership form with $30.00 per year* and mail to: 

AIRSHIP INTERNATIONAL PRESS, P.O. Box 1543, Bloomington, IL, 61702

We accept VISA and Master Card. (billing will be from Ron Smith Printing Co.).
Telephone 309-827-8039, Ask for Sandy Westlake, Tammy Donaldson or David Smith, 
QUESTIONS:  email (david.smith@ronsmith.com).
*You may receive  a free DVD for 2 years membership paid in advance.  Please indicate your DVD choice.

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